Mascot Clinch Placement System

Mascot Clinch Placement System

Robotas Technologies, who have over 30 years’ experience in the optimization of hand assembly operations, across multiple manufacturing sectors, is proud to announce the launch of its Mascot Clinch system; a significant addition to its Mascot family of THT placement systems.



The Mascot system

Robotas’ Mascot system semi-automates the PCB hand assembly process, speeding up production and making the hand assembly process more reliable and repeatable. The benefits include improved product quality, increased throughput, the virtual elimination of set up time and reduced rework, helping to drive productivity.

Mascot systems provide operators with on-screen step-by-step work instructions whilst simultaneously indicating each component’s placement location and polarity directly onto the PCB via an eye safe laser. At every assembly step the operator is also delivered the correct component via intelligent motorised carousels or shelving with incorporated LED pick to light indication.


The launch of Mascot Clinch

Mascot Clinch goes one step further. Once the component has been placed by the operator an automated mechanism underneath the PCB will ‘clinch’ the component legs in either a North, East, South or West direction. The finished lead profile can be also be set to either an angle or flat to the board.

As the operator is placing the components the Mascot Clinch mechanism underneath the PCB ‘follows’ the Mascot laser to each component location. As the component is placed the clinch mechanism bends over each leg of the component. Once the clinch function has been performed, the laser, parts dispensing systems and clinch mechanism moves to the next component location and the process repeats. A variety of component types are able to be clinched such as axial components, resistors and capacitors as well as ICs, transistors and SIL arrays. Transistors will also be able to have all three leads clinched.

Technical Specifications


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