Developed to carry out the Solder Measuring Issue

Not only Point Thickness Measurement, but also apply Image Processing to Calculate Thickness Distribution Profile as well as Area Measurement



– Prompt Solder Paste Thickness Measurement
– Thickness Profile of Section Solder Paste
– Manual 3-Dimensional Measurement (Height, Width, Length)
-Available to Measure the Covered Area and the Integrated Volume of Solder Paste
– SPC Analysis for Process Control
-Traditional ChineseEnglish (optional)Interface
-Multiple Profiles synchronism Storage
-Operating System By Windows XP
-Resolution : 3 um/pixel

Technical Specifications

-Viewing area : 3.2mm*2.4mm
-Size (machine): 405 mm(W) x 500 mm(D) x 410 mm(H)
-XY-Table size (Travel): 405 mm(W) x 405 mm(D) ;
-Travel: 400mm(X) x 250mm(Y)
-Repeat accuracy: 0.0035mm
-Lens magnification: 70X
-Light source: Laser line source (645nm laser)
-Camera & len:s Color CCD & Fixed focus lens
-Illumination: Target light source: Point Laser
-Proliferation of background light: White LED
-Power: AC 110V/220V 50/60 HZ
-Weight: 25 Kg
-Focus: Coarse / fine focus device
-Monitor: 19″ LCD
-Operating software: Win XP
-Capture card: PICOLO
-Accessories: Operating Instructions Standard (calibration fixture) calibration report