Chiptronics is a solutions provider on the industrial manufacturing process. Through identifying the customer needs in detail, we had recommended numerous right equipment to our customer over the years to help to solve their process and manufacturing issues. Our core value is to always supply quality products timely and at accurate deliveries.

Throughout our history, we have seen how the industry evolves. We have been driving on ourselves to be more innovative, creative and technologically advanced. We believe in continuous learning and will continue to upgrade ourselves in order to leap ahead to solve the industrial evolution.

The whole world is undergoing an industrial revolution. The new era belongs to AI, IOT, Automation, and Robotics. As a trading company that specialized in providing high technology equipment, we are evolving ourselves to support our customers from different industries. From a purely trading company many years ago, we are now equipped with a technical support facility that can provide total solutions, repair, calibration and training to our customers.

Opportunity is usually granted to those who are ready. We are always preparing ourselves so that we can sail through this industry turbulence together with many of our valuable customers. Let’s ensure many success stories can be created in future, hand in hand!

Last but not least, we will always be here to support you in the years ahead!

Dato’ Pang Yun Tiam ,

Founder of Chiptronics (M) Sdn. Bhd.


We are always ready to assist you with any questions you may have in mind.