Chiptronics, was established in Malaysia as an equipment, tools and machinery supplier in 1989. Since then, we had won the trust and confidence of many leading brands worldwide and hence was appointed as their distributor in Malaysia. Throughout the years, we had established ourselves as a stable, reliable and efficient supplier of the electronic manufacturing equipment and consumables to our clients.

Our philosophy is simple: To ensure “Problem You See, Solution We Give” through quality right products flanked by a distinguished customer services team and eminent technical staffs.

Over the last 30 years, we brought in uncountable amount of quality products timely and at accurate deliveries. It will remain as our core value especially when we are embarking the bandwagon of Industry 4.0 with our stakeholders towards the future.

To support our core value, providing outstanding services and remarkable technical support becomes our competency advantages.

On 4th May 2021, our company was accredited with ISO9001:2015 Quality Management System certification.

With 3 decades of Industry knowledge base, our team is ready to handle customers’ inquiries on any products across various fields from Electronics, Automotive to Medical, engulfing SMT and PCB Assembly Equipment, Mobile Industrial Robot, Automatic Guided Vehicle (AGV), Automated Soldering System, Robotic Liquid Dispensing, Laser Marking System, Laser Cutting System, Visual Inspection and Measurement, Wire Harnessing and others.  Our well-trained technical team not only will maintain, repair and calibrate the equipment but will provide training to our clients. The team is technically competent to provide one-stop exclusive solutions on process and equipment during the project discussion stages to our clients.

We have a wide clientele ranging from large Multinational companies (MNCs) to small, medium industries (SMIs) located throughout Peninsular Malaysia. On top of that we serve the Military sector of our country as well as the Public Service sector such as Transit companies and Ports. In line with our company’s philosophy and core value on providing better support and efficient service to our customers, we have two branches which are located in Kuala Lumpur (Central region) and Johor Bahru (Southern region) of Peninsula Malaysia.


In Chiptronics (M) Sdn. Bhd., we are determined to achieve the Total Customer Success through providing ONE STOP solutions to our customers, in resolving their problems.
Problem You See, Solution We Give – our philosophy has always been our belief and we promise to do our utmost to deliver it.


We are always ready to assist you with any questions you may have in mind.