VL-11S / VL-11SL

Video Microscope


-Easy operation by using only a magnification dial and a focus dial

-A camera with 410,000 pixel color CCD enables you to realize 460TV or higher horizontal resolution.

-Suitable to check IC, thread, printing materials, painting surface and blade

-Bright and vivid images at any magnification


Small, light an easy to use

Small (85×80×205mm), light ( about 600g) body is easy to carry.

A small ring light (fluorescent light) enables you to realize steady and even light with high color repeatability.


No need to change lens

You can continue to magnify the image from 1x to 400 x magnification on a 14-inch video monitor. (900 x magnification can be realized on 32-inch video monitor.)

* VL-11SL model goes up to 200x.

Technical Specifications

Imager 1/3-inch, 410,000-pixel CCD camera
Light Source 5W ring fluorescent lamp
Power Source AC100V 50/60Hz
Image Output NTSC system Video output: RCA jack/S jack
Resolution 460 or higher horizontal resolution
Environmental Conditions Temperature:0-40℃ Humidity::40-80%(No condensation)
S/N Ratio 48dB or higher
Exposure Control
Electronic shutter, automatically variable between 1/60-  1/10000
1/100 flicker-free
Outside Dimensions 85×80×205mm(when the stage is stored)
Weight Approx. 600g
Scan Mode 2:1interlaced, 525 rows, 60 fields
Tripod Mounting Screw 1/4-20 UNC
White Balance Fixed when the light is ON; automatic when the light is OFF
VL-11S: 1-400 x magnification infinitely variable (on a 14-inch  monitor)
VL-11SL:1-200 x magnification infinitely variable (on a 14-      inch monitor)


Operating Distance

VL-11S VL-11SL
50x 16 mm 41 mm
100x 9 mm 28 mm
200x 5 mm 22 mm
300x 3 mm
400x 2 mm


Field of View

VL-11S VL-11SL
50x 5.2×4.0 mm
100x 2.6×2.0 mm
200x 1.3×1.0 mm
300x 0.87×0.67 mm
400x 0.65×0.5 mm