Mechanical Hand Assembly made easy, with SIGMA.



Easy to program from CAD, delivering the right part at the right time, and an image or video clip, step by step. SIGMA’s modular nature allows systems to be configured for every situation.


Easily define the product structure, with family tree & phantom assembly support, and dragging to reorder components. Create sub assemblies at any point. Drag your parts into the assembly structure from the master parts file.


Import & export BOMS. Produce product costings.


Add commands to request input from keyboard or barcode, or to print out labels or barcodes at any point. Add documents (Word, pdfs, CAD files, jpgs, etc) to a part wherever it is called up, or to a point in the build sequence. These appear on screen to the operator as icons, available at a click if needed.


Used On facility. Harness the skill and experience of your shop floor with the Redline facility, which allows the operator to record suggestions on how to improve the product.


Record Scrap. Pull material onto the station with the Low Bin button.


Supported by a full range of options and accessories – dispensers, barcode readers, and software to facilitate programming, capture and analysis of shop floor data, and to permit Kanban working with no kitting.



-Automatically generate work instructions from CAD data.

-Delivers the correct part & the correct tool for current instruction.

-Insert Images, video clips & supporting documentation such as PDFs & CAD.

-Easily define product structures with family tree & phantom assembly support.

-Harness the skill and experience of your shop floor with the Redline facility

-Pull material directly from your main stores to the station using the need button.

Technical Specification