Digital/Analog Microscope


Observation and Inspection improvements increase.

Magnification imaged on TV & PC.


Microscope connectable to PC and TV.

May be used with any particular output device. Lens exchange not necessary. Magnification from 0x to 300x is possible.


Windows Vista(32bit)/7(32&64bit)/8(32&64bit):Compatible.

* We confirmed it worked with Windows XP , but now we will not support it since MicroSoft has terminated its support of XP.


LED illumination control/Brightness control/Negative-positive function

The supplied remote controller works for the illumination control , brightness control and negative-positive function.

Lights are set respectively on four lines , the upper , the lower , the left and the right side , and around the lens in the center. In addition to full illumination with four lights , we have achieved to illuminate the light from the side by switching to each side light individually.

You can clearly observe bumpy surfaces of objects by applying the light differently. The strength of the light is freely adjustable. You will also be able to take shots in a negative-positive mode so you can observe a more optimal image.


High sensitivity CCD camera

We have achieved a shooting output of 510,000 pixels ( effective pixels 480,000) by using high sensitivity CCD. Color reproducibility of the object also is better than the “SDA-1”.

-Connectable to TV and PC. May be used with any particular output device

-Easy to operate and low cost

-Continuous expanded magnification from 0x up to 300x without exchanging lenses.

-Bright and vivid images at all magnifications are achievable.

-May be used in all industries as quality control, inspection applications, research and education

-Nine illumination patterns available (we use LED as the light source)

Technical Specification

Imager 1/4 inch CCD 510,000 pixels, Effective pixels: 480,000 pixcels
Video Out Terminal:NTSC, RCA Connector
USB Terminal:USB mini B
(8bitVideoA-D,Maximum Resolution 720 x 480)
Magnification 1x-300x
Light Source White LED
Image Setting
When the light is on: Fixed White Balance. AGC, Auto Shutter  Speed. (When the illumination brightness control operates  with the remote controller ,the gain shutter is fixed.)
When the light is off: Auto White Balance. AGC, Auto Shutter  Speed.
Power Supply Voltage DC12V(AC Adaptor Supplied AC100-240 50/60Hz)
Power Consumption 500mA or below
Operating Temperature 0-40
Operating and Storage Humidity 20-80%(no-condensation)
Dimensions 85x80x205mm
Weight Approx. 600g
Application Viewer ( Accessary of SDA-2 )
Camera Thread Input 1/4-20 UNC
Optional Accessories
Stand PR-ST11XY(with XY stage ) Stand PR-ST11 (No XY  stage)
XYZ Stand
Two-dimensional image measurement  software(MicroMeasure)
System Requirement
Windows XP SP2 Windows Vista(32bit) Windows  7(32&64bit)   Windows8(32&64bit) (We confirmed it worked  with Windows   XP , but now we will not support it since  MicroSoft has   terminated its support of XP. )
USB Port:Factory installed USB 2.0
CPU:Pentium4-1GHz or above or equivalent AMD processor.


Operating Distance

Magnification Operating  Distance(mm) Focal Depth(µm) Field of  View(mm)
50 55 2000 5.2×4
100 37 550 2.6×2
150 32 440 1.73×1.33
200 28 250 1.3×1
250 27 200 1.04×0.8
300 26 160 0.8×0.67