Mascot Standalone

Mascot Standalone is ideal where the station is not required in an assembly line. In these applications, a single operator will typically build the entire PCB, guided perfectly through the process by Mascot’s clear instructions and bright laser indicator. We know that workspace comfort is essential for productivity, so the Standalone model features excellent ergonomics with its height-adjustable worktable placing everything directly at hand.
It is available in two sizes, accommodating PCBs or pallets up to 600mm x 500mm.
The system’s work area is available in 2 sizes, for PCBs or pallets up to: Size 1 – 457mm x 305mm (18” x 12”) Size 2 – 600mm x 500mm (23.6” x 19.7”)



The MASCOT STANDALONE Workstation is a uniquely quick and reliable solution for building PCBs precisely. A MASCOT STANDALONE Workstation will minimise PCB build times, improve your production quality and offers far greater flexibility for PTH & odd form insertion, inspection and re-work. MASCOT STANDALONE offers total flexibility, adapting to meet ever changing production requirements.


An eye-safe laser is used to indicate the exact position & orientation of the component to be placed while the correct component for insertion is presented to the operator. The laser brilliance is adjustable and clear in all lighting conditions; there are no bulbs to change or filters to clean for minimum on-site maintenance.


Build instructions are displayed on screen comprising of part information, assembly instructions & component images or assembly videos. This ensures that the right component is placed in the right place, in the right way, every time and quickly. The user friendly operation requires virtually no training and allows for even non-experienced operators to begin building PCBs immediately.


The MASCOT STANDALONE can be programmed manually, or directly from CAD data imported using our optional ProCompiler software which significantly reduces set up time for new PCBs.


Ergonomically designed for maximum operator comfort, the workstation sweeps around the user’s position, with minimum distance to pick parts. Equally important, the bench is height adjustable for operator comfort. The whole system is built to operate in static sensitive areas with sockets for anti-static wrist straps built into both sides of the bench.


The modular design of MASCOT systems means that they can be configured to meet your specific requirements or easily reconfigured if your needs change in the future. You can select from a range of component dispensers & accessories, a single Workstation can support up to 200 random access bin locations (4 Carousels) & 176 fixed bin locations (IC Lanes or Tote Bins). The MASCOT STANDALONE can accommodate turnover fixtures, wave solder pallets or crop plates, and is available in 2 sizes: MASCOT SA 1812 for PCBs or pallets up to 460mm x 300mm (18” x 12”) MASCOT SA 600500 for PCBs or pallets up to 600mm x 500mm wide (23.6” x 19.7”)


As your business expands the Multiple MASCOT STANDALONE Workstations can be easily networked, sharing assembly files and our optional WORKFLOW software provides comprehensive data logging facilities for PCB traceability & build data analysis.



-Ergonomically designed for maximum operator comfort.

-Minimises PCB build times and improve production quality.

-User friendly operation requires virtually no operator training.

-Up to four carousels can be added giving a total of 200 random access bin locations.

-176 fixed bin locations using LED indication (IC Lanes or Tote bins). Maximum working area of 600mm x 500mm.

Technical Specifications

-Power Consumption: 600w

-Maximum Working Area: 600mm by 500mm

-Air Supply: Not needed

-Electrical Requirements: 220-240V/50Hz, 100-110/60Hz switchable

-Laser Scan Speed: Variable to a maximum of 600mm/sec

-Bin Index Times: <2 seconds maximum

-Average Assembly Rate: 700+ components/hour

-Laser: Sealed unit EN60825 Class 2. Output 0.5W Eye-safe

-Floor space required, including operator: 1.6m (D) x 2.026m (L)