Compact and Lower cost Series





-Compact High Rigidity 4-axis Tool

-In the robot main body, the range of operation secured 200*200*100(X,Y and Z-axis), with the compact size of only 300*370.>>Range of motion 400*400*100(X, Y, and Z axis) can correspond.

-The extrusion material of aluminum was used for a robot’s base, and high rigidity was realized.

-Using of a highly precise Ball screw and a highly precise servo control motor realized high repetition accuracy and payload capabilities.

-“Solder Pre-heat” and “N2 Jacket” which are effective option for Lead-free soldering can be attached.

-A tool part can perform PTP and CP, and correspondence also in simple slide soldering is possible for it as well as point soldering.

-A soldering controller is easy handling and carries IMPACⅡ which can perform adjustment of supply amount, supply speed of wire solder and heating time from the 1st to 3rd order.

-“TSCO”, is applied to “Windows”, can be used.


Technical Specification

-Model No.: iCROSS(TX-i 444S)

-Power requirement: AC100V ±10% 50/60Hz 1.0KVA

-Ambient temp. Humidity, Environment: 0~40с(Non-condensing, no corrosive gas and no significant dust.)

-Air pressure: 0.4~0.5MPa(4~5kgf/c㎡) Dry air

-Movement method: PTP・4-axis simultaneous control (Equipped with simultaneous 3-axis PTP and CP functions)

-Drive system: Pulse motor, Ball screw drive

-Robot Performance: HYPERLINK

-Program capacity: 48programs

-Data storage capacity: No. of program steps: 6000steps ・ No. of points: 3000position

-Teaching method: Direct teaching by MDI and Jogging operations with

-Teaching Pendant, TTP-822 (Option).

-No. of soldering condition: 16 blocks (from 1st to 3rd solder feeding amount, speed and heating time)

-Soldering operation: Point soldering and Simple slide soldering

-Weight: 45kg


Stroke Position repeatability Max. speed
X-axis 400mm ±0.02mm 600mm/s
Y-axis 400mm ±0.02mm 600mm/s
Z-axis 100mm ±0.02mm 300mm/s
R-axis 360° ±0.2 360°/s