Motorized electron-optical SMD components counter, works by detecting cut-out holes on SMD reel tapes, accurate and fast.



Particularly Designed for SMD Components Package
‧ Pre-set Counting Number and Fully Automatic Counting
‧Easy to Launch and Unload of Component Reel
‧Flat Panel Display and Easy-Operating Film Button Interface.
‧Option of Barcode Printer for Printed Barcode Label with Counting Number, Date, and Specific Characters. Estimated to Save more Than 20% Man-Power
‧EIA Compatible SMD Component

Technical Specifications

Power supply:AC110V, 220V(50/60Hz)
Electric powerAbout 13W
Counting number:1-49999pcs
Dimension 400(W)x250(D)x200(H) mm
Machine weight:6.5kg
Detection of missing component (only for tape package) Easy to confirm the parts number so as to improve the stock management.
Designed for SMT reel chips , automatic detection of component pitch and automatic reel back tape.
Connecting barcode printer to print out counting number, date and characters in barcode form. Avoid overstock.

Application Specifications